About Our Company

Founded in 1975, we are your one-stop furniture destination for all your home furniture needs, offering the wide variety of, almost all the available furniture styles at unbelievable prices. Our uniquely crafted furniture items are indisputably apt for the adornment of your homes, apart from satisfying your home-based furniture requirements, thus, adding more power to the quality of your home’s interior design.
Our Mission
We are aimed to reproduce the unique charm of every design in every possible home furniture items at an affordable rate, by employing innovative craftsmanship and sustainable business practices that are friendly to you, your pocket, your home and collectively to the environment.
Why us?
We believe in practicing thoughtful business that would inspire the current and the future generations to follow our humble and able steps, which could collectively benefit the entire world. Our sensible business practices involve the following
Sustainable methodologies
We nip the nature to produce the unconventional masterpieces of the home furniture items that could comfort you and as well decorate your homes. It is our business and it is how we could exercise to bring you the eclectic designs and choices. But, we would certainly love to compensate for what we take from nature by following sustainable business practices that will benefit the mother earth and her bountiful natural resources. We participate and as well encourage the others to plant as many trees are possible to give back the mother earth her beautiful adornments and at the same time benefit the environmental needs of the society.
Social Responsibility

elpuertoescultura.com is an active contributor to the various charitable organizations of the country and is determined to continue the act, throughout the existence of our business in this society. Our employees are enthusiastic volunteers in various environmentally and socially responsible organizations and also set up meaningful conferences to spread the necessity of empowering the society with the focused socially responsible activities and thought processes. Together we can create a responsible world that would benefit ourselves and nature.

What We Do